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New Retail was front-and-center at Tmall’s annual 6.18 Shopping Festival, as the Alibaba platform looked to showcase the seamless integration of online and offline commerce. The June 1-18 promotion pulled in offline stores, including 70 New Retail stores from around China, along with 100,000 Tmall smart stores, Intime department stores, Hema supermarkets and superstore chain RT-Mart. Along with its usual array of coupons and discounts, this year’s festival offered up physical interactive pop-up stores, red packets and free shipping. This year’s shopping festival also targeted consumers outside of China. Product sales in apparel, beauty and food & beverage shattered last year’s records in just minutes. This year’s shopping festival hit during the World Cup and Dragon Boat Festival, helping boost sales in several categories.

Below are highlights of Tmall’s 6.18 promotion.

China is the world second largest economy and the largest trader in global commerce

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